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NEW MUSIC! On Top The Storm & Nickelus F DX|next Interview

Posted in Interviews, music by hdiddydollar on January 21, 2010

My homeboy Kevin Clark (Don’t Lose Your Day Job) came through with a very dope interview for HIPHOPDX of Nick. I can’t believe he asked about the original “Forever” track with Drake & Wayne that never came out… HA! He definitely got Nick to talk about a lot of topics. GREAT interview!

Check it out here ===> Nickelus F DX|next Interview.

Oh yeah here’s a new jawn that “might” be on the new project! “On Top Of The Storm” produced by our new favorite producer Stefan Skeeter… He’s got like 8 songs on the new album, he’s gonna be a problem this year and he’s on TEAM F bitches!!



“You got to feel me I’m on a cloud, so why would I come down to deal with all these frowns?”

D/L: ===> Nickelus F – On Top Of The Storm (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

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  1. [...] Complex really tried to get Nick to come clean with the records he wrote for Drake– ‘water-boarding dudes’ as commenter suckitmarshall said. The interview also talks about Nicks day job and the Portishead project, R.E.A.L. he did last year. Click here to read the interview. Also, below is a new track from Mr. F, courtesy of the man himself. [...]

  2. AboutDrake.com said, on February 17, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Nickelus F / Drake interview…

    This must happen often to celebrities who know Drake. What turned out to be an interview with Nickelus F about his own work, turned out to be a question-and-answer session about Drake. In the interview, Nickelus F discusses how he and Drake met, Drake…

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