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Posted in music by hdiddydollar on January 21, 2013

DJ Wristpect – Bridging The Gap Vol 4: V.A. to T.O. …

Posted in music by hdiddydollar on January 2, 2010

DJ Wristpect pays homage to T.O. & V.A.’s best. Of course my niggas Nickelus F & Drake are all over this bitch!

Wristpect is an actual DJ, cuts, blends and breaks! The mixtape is dope. get it!

Download: Wristpect – Bridging The Gap V4 (Toronto to Virginia)

Radio Interview + November 18th Freestyle

Posted in Interviews, music by hdiddydollar on June 22, 2009

Stopped by iPower92.1 FM in Richmond, VA to talk about:

- My history coming up as an artist & my out look & mentality for 2009

- How I linked up & started working with Drake

- How I became inspired to do the R.A.R.E. album with Portishead & future work with the group

- The power of the internet for musicians

A-Plus also got me to spit some very dope bars over Drake’s November 18th beat…

D/L: ===> Nickelus F Interview w/ iPower92.1 FM in Richmond, VA

D/L: ===> Nickelus F – November 18th Freestyle


Nickelus F Heathen Album LOVE…

Posted in music by hdiddydollar on April 2, 2009


Here’s a few things to ponder over…

Thanks for all the support!

My man Drake showed love to Heathen on his blog this past week. Thanks homie! We’ll all be chillin at the top soon talkin’ about the “good ol’ days”

Checkout Drake’s blog on Heathen album @ OctobersVeryOwn


Nick’s Interview with Eighty81.com


MusicOnPlay gave Nick a look while he was brushing his teeth!

A sneak peek at the upcoming music video for Fusion Unltd.’s “THE SUN” featuring Little Brother, Nickelus F, Hall of Fame and Skillz. The video will premiere on Monday April 13th on okayplayer.comDirected By: Lendl Tellington & Marquis MosleyMotion Design: James McMillan & Marquis MosleyIllustrations: Kevin DossantosProduction Assistants: Ashley Akunna, Everett Anderson, and Anisha Payne


Posted in Uncategorized by hdiddydollar on November 3, 2008

Another leak fro ya’ll this one is a collabo with me and my nigga Drake… The joint is OFFICIAL!!!

Produced by Tommy Gunz…

We callin’ on all ya’ll to step it up in 2009 cause we coming for that top spot. -F

D/L: ===> Drake ft. Nickelus F – Friends With Money

LISTEN: ===> Drake ft. Nickelus F – Friends With Money

Me Live in VA Beach Performing “HissyFittin'” & “Good To You”

Posted in Uncategorized by hdiddydollar on October 22, 2008

Clip from my latest show out in Virginia Beach this past Saturday!

Tell me what you think. -F


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